Smoked & Braised Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket (any size)

4 x Steak Marinade 

3 onions thinly sliced

4 cups beef bone broth

½ teaspoon kosher salt per pound of trimmed brisket

Coarse black Pepper


  • Trim excess fat off of brisket and rub with steak marinade preferably 3 days ahead of time. Save any left over marinade and add it to the brisket when it braises.
  • Pat brisket dry and season with salt and pepper.
  • Smoke at 225 degrees fat side up for 4 hours keeping meat as moist as possible during cook.
  • Transfer to a roasting pan and set on top of sliced onions so the meat is not touching the bottom of the roasting pan. You want to make sure especially the flat part of the brisket has enough onions underneath it so it won’t dry out. Pour on bone broth so it comes slightly more than half way up the meat. 
  • Cover and cook at 300 degrees until the meat is tender but not falling apart. Approximately 3 hours.


Remove from braising liquid and reduce the liquid by half then slice brisket and serve with sauce.

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