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Covered S Ranch

Transcaspian Urial

Transcaspian Urial Hunting Season:
These highly sought after Transcaspian Urial Sheep may be hunted year-round without any seasonal restrictions but note that they will have their most beautiful coats and longest bibs during the late fall to early spring months.

Come experience the uniqueness of Flat Top Mesa at Covered S Ranch for an exotic hunting experience like none other in Texas!

Hunt these majestic Transcaspian Urial Sheep at the Covered S Ranch! Experience the thrill of this hunt in the upper elevations of Flat Top Mesa in the spectacular cap rocks and rock formations to pursue these strikingly attractive animals in their natural habitat. The Transcaspian Urial is the most desirable of the Urial family because of their larger size and striking beauty. With their massive flaring horns and up to 9” long white flowing bib, this will be a focal piece in your trophy room. Regardless of weapon used, this will be a challenging and thrilling spot & stalk hunt. Bow hunters welcome. A hunt of a lifetime!

2 Nights/3-Day Hunt: $2,400 + Trophy Fee
3 Nights/4-Day Hunt: $3,200 + Trophy Fee
Hunter Additional Day: $800
Non-Hunting Guest: $550/Day Single Occupancy
Non-Hunting Guest: $350/Day Double Occupancy


  • All-Inclusive: Lodging, Meals & Beverages
  • Experienced Guide: 1:1 - Discount hunt package $450 if 2:1
  • Rustic Luxury & Genuine West Texas Hospitality at The Hacienda: Bar, Pool, Hot Tub, Fire Pit, Pickleball/Basketball Court, Casino Style & Game Tables, Pool Table, Large Screen TV’s + More
  • Transportation to/from Lubbock, TX International Airport
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Airstrip & Hanger
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Shooting Range
  • Firearm & Ammunition provided, if needed 
  • Enclosed Blinds
  • Field Dressing & Caping
  • Cold Storage on site
  • Freezer Boxes if needed.
  • Transportation of animals to local meat processor/taxidermist or may ship to requested at client’s expense. (Client responsible for all meat processing/taxidermist costs.)
  • Hunting vehicle for varmint hunt

Transcaspian Urial Trophy Fee: $15,000-$25,000

See Price Page for additional information.

Origin: Asia
Horn Size: 36-40+ inches
Weight: 79-180 pounds

Interesting Transcaspian Urial Hunting Information:

  • Transcaspian Urial rams are known for their distinctive curved horns, which can grow to impressive lengths and their white flowing bibs up to 9” long.
  • They use their horns in battles for dominance, and the size generally determines the individual’s rank in the herd.
  • They are twice the size of a mouflon ram.
  • Urial rams are comparable to Desert bighorn rams.
  • Native to western central Asia from Iran to Kazakhstan to Pakistan to northern India.
  • They can self-medicate when they are ill by eating particular plants that can cure them of various ailments.
  • Gestation: about 5 months and will typically have one or two offspring.
  • Lifespan: 14-20 years

Transcaspian Urial Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Transcaspian Urial reservations well in advance to secure availability.