An elk by the water
An Elk by the water


Elk Hunting Season:
There are no seasonal restrictions on Elk in Texas, but if you are looking for a hard-antlered trophy, September through February is best for these majestic bulls. Or come any time of the year to fill your freezer with this low-fat/high-protein venison.

Come experience the uniqueness of Flat Top Mesa at Covered S Ranch for an exotic hunting experience like none other in Texas!

Archery and rifle hunters will hunt our trophy elk by spot & stalk in the 3,000 acres of Flat Top Mesa. Elk provides an exciting hunt that is sure to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping, especially during the rut.

2 Nights/3-Day Hunt: $2,400 + Trophy Fee
3 Nights/4-Day Hunt: $3,200 + Trophy Fee
Hunter Additional Day: $800
Non-Hunting Guest: $550/Day Single Occupancy
Non-Hunting Guest: $350/Day Double Occupancy


  • All-Inclusive: Lodging, Meals & Beverages
  • Experienced Guide: 1:1 - Discount hunt package $450 if 2:1
  • Rustic Luxury & Genuine West
  • Texas Hospitality at The Hacienda: Bar, Pool, Hot Tub, Fire Pit,
  • Pickleball/Basketball Court, Casino Style & Game Tables, Pool Table, Large Screen TV’s + More
  • Transportation to/from Lubbock, TX International Airport
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Airstrip & Hanger
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Shooting Range
  • Firearm & Ammunition provided if needed
  • Enclosed Blinds
  • Field Dressing & Caping
  • Cold Storage on site
  • Freezer Boxes if needed.
  • Transportation of animals to local
  • meat processor/taxidermist or may ship to request at the client’s expense.
  • (Client responsible for all meat processing/taxidermist costs.)
  • Hunting vehicle for varmint hunt

Elk Trophy Fee:
Under 400 SCI Score: $15,000
Over 400 SCI Score: $25,000-$33,000

See Price Page for additional information

Origin: North America
Antler Size: 3.5 ft – 4 ft
Weight: 800-1,080 pounds

Interesting Elk Hunting Information:

  • There are very few species as majestic-looking as a North American Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.
  • Elk have a pair of ivory teeth that most hunters will save as a memento of their hunt.
  • Bulls shed and grow a new set of antlers every year. Elk antlers can grow up to an inch a day and can weigh over 40 pounds.
  • Elk are among the most vocal communicating danger quickly and identifying each other by sound with high-pitched squeals coming from calves, chirps and misc squeals for general conversation and barks warning of danger.
  • During the rut, bulls bugle advertising his fitness to cows, warning other bulls to stay away or announcing his readiness to fight. They will also rub trees, shrubs and the ground with their antlers to attract cows and intimidate other bulls.

Elk Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Elk hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.