Watusi Cattle
Herd of Watusi Cattle

Watusi Cattle


Watusi Cattle Hunting Season:
There are no hunting restrictions on Watusi Cattle, therefore they may be hunted year-round.

Come experience the uniqueness of Flat Top Mesa at Covered S Ranch for an exotic hunting experience like none other in Texas!

Getaway for the weekend with your spouse and come experience genuine West Texas hospitality and harvest a magnificent Watusi for a unique trophy and fill your freezer with low-fat & low-cholesterol meat. A Watusi hunt at the Covered S Ranch will be by spot & stalk, with weapon of choice. Hunt will be in the lower elevations of Flat Top Mesa within our 3,000-acre game preserve.

2 Nights/3-Day Hunt: $2,400 + Trophy Fee
3 Nights/4-Day Hunt: $3,200 + Trophy Fee
Hunter Additional Day: $800
Non-Hunting Guest: $550/Day Single Occupancy
Non-Hunting Guest: $350/Day Double Occupancy


  • All-Inclusive: Lodging, Meals & Beverages
  • Experienced Guide: 1:1 - Discount hunt package $450 if 2:1
  • Rustic Luxury & Genuine West Texas Hospitality at The Hacienda: Bar, Pool, Hot Tub, Fire Pit, Pickleball/Basketball Court, Casino Style & Game Tables, Pool Table, Large Screen TV’s + More
  • Transportation to/from Lubbock, TX International Airport
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Airstrip & Hanger
  • Access to Covered S Ranch Shooting Range
  • Firearm & Ammunition provided, if needed
  • Enclosed Blinds
  • Field Dressing & Caping
  • Cold Storage on site
  • Freezer Boxes if needed.
  • Transportation of animals to local meat processor/taxidermist or may ship to requested at client’s expense. (Client responsible for all meat processing/taxidermist costs.)
  • Hunting vehicle for varmint hunt

Watusi Trophy Fee: $6,000-$20,000

See Price Page for additional information

Origin: Africa
Horn Size: Up to 8 feet
Weight: 900-1600 pounds

    Interesting Watusi Cattle Hunting Information:

    • Watusi cattle have low-fat and low-cholesterol meat values.
    • Watusi milk is around 10% fat.
    • They can tolerate extreme temperatures well due to their large horns acting like radiators. Blood cools as it circulates through the horn area and then is returned to the body of the animal, allowing excess body heat to disperse.
    • Watusi cattle are the showstoppers of the bovine kingdom and have been referred to as the “cattle of kings” as they traditionally been valued in Africa as ceremonial animals and symbols of wealth and power. Their ownership established one’s position in society and the beauty of their herd, especially the shape and size of their horns, was significant.
    • These regal animals can easily trace their ancestry back more than 6,000 years.

      Watusi Hunting Reservations

      We recommend making Watusi Cattle hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.